Mural at 1241 Carpenter Street Artists Studios by Philip Adams, Mural Arts
our building

Over fifty artists and craftspeople working in an awesome 19th Century factory building. 

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Main Belting Company manufactured the enormous belts that kept the industrial gears spinning in Philadelphia and beyond.

Today our building is always buzzing with our many creative businesses and art studios. Local artists say, 1241 Carpenter remains one of Philadelphia’s long-lasting artist enclaves, and one of the best. The diverse group — a collection of painters, blacksmiths, book restorers, screen printers, and more — allows collaboration.

Amze Emmons : re-Playing the Grid Detail

We're really back. Thrilled to share our summer show with you at the reopening of ARTSPACE1241. 

In 2019, Philadelphia artist, Amze Emmons began working working on an interactive installation for The Print Center scheduled to be exhibited in the summer of 2020. This exhibition aimed to invite the audience into his creative process, specifically wandering the city streets open to chance, noticing the peculiarities of system failure and evidence of community life in spite of it all.

The exhibition is by appointment only please contact Amze at his Instagram account @amzeland


1241 events

Join us 12-6 on Saturday, October 15 on the 2nd Floor
Alyse Bernstein, Brooke Hine, Phyllis Gorsen

Big sale.
Friday, June 14, 3-6 PM
Saturday, June 15, , 3-6 PM

Some people sing the blues. Some people feel blue. Picasso has a blue period. Blue is Royal. Submit your postcard sized art.

Invisible Landscapes is an exhibition of works on paper, prints, and artist books, by Alice Austin and Andrea Krupp exploring invisible landscapes. Join us for Andrea's artist talk.

Artist presentation and closing reception, Saturday June 24 ? 4-6 PM

One of the six talented Community Supported Artists, Alexis Nutini of Dos Tres Press, will be opening up his shop for an afternoon of print demonstrations, refreshments and a preview of his 2017 Community Supported Art edition.

June 24 / 3 - 7 PM