1241 Carpenter

Mural at 1241 Carpenter Street Artists Studios by Philip Adams, Mural Arts

Over fifty artists and craftspeople working in an awesome 19th Century factory building. 

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Main Belting Company manufactured the enormous belts that kept the industrial gears spinning in Philadelphia and beyond. They also fabricated tarps for covered wagons and sailboats. In its heyday, Main Belting was a key part of the self-sustaining ecosystem, that kept the machine driven economy of Philadelphia moving.

Today our building is always buzzing with our many creative businesses and art studios. Local artists say, 1241 Carpenter remains one of Philadelphia’s long-lasting artist enclaves, and one of the best. The diverse group — a collection of painters, blacksmiths, book restorers, screen printers, and more — allows collaboration.

Our exhibition and project venue is ARTSPACE 1241. It features our studio artists and some guest artists. 

Our close proximity to the Italian Market is terrific for us and our visitors. It's an authentic taste of Philadelphia! 

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