Jessica Joy
Project Joy
Jessica Joy London

Jessica has exhibited in the United States and internationally, including the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (Japan), the Smithsonian’s S. Dillon Ripley Center and the Kennedy Center’s Hall of States (Washington, D.C.), and the Tampa Museum of Art.



I imagined if it rained color the landscape would look like my paintings. Shades of blue would flow from leaf to fallen leaf picking them up and repositioning them on bright green blades of grass and grey concrete in harmonious compositions. Passersby would step in puddles of yellow tracking footsteps across the landscape changing blues into greens and reds into oranges. Pinks and oranges would flow between spaces of rocks too heavy to be carried away, staining them and evaporating back into the clouds.


I am interested in combining the aesthetics of glass, light, color and translucency with biology to elicit an interest in natural phenomena. Thousands of plastic circular forms are arranged according to their opacity, hue, and form to create larger organisms. They draw on memories of coral and the fantastical. My paintings take a different approach. They are tasked with revealing invisible or often overlooked artifacts of our physical world. Using processes gleaned from working in a bio-medical lab I document my process of experimentation. Variables such as method of dispersion, amounts and types of pigment, diluent and ancillary materials such as grass, rocks, and allium remnants are used in small scale. I use this information to orchestrate pieces of integrated natural circumstance. Each artifact of this process is isolated and presented as a specimen. My goal is to reframe the viewer's experience of the natural world and position them to seek out details of the world at large.