I Am Thomas Tustin

September 5, 2017 to September 28, 2017

An exploration between fantasy and reality.

I Am Thomas Tustin is an exploration of fantasy and identity through the use of color, abstraction, and technique.  With a focus on self portrait, this show will engage the viewer's perception of self and others. 

Opening Reception September 9/ 7-9 pm

Private showings available upon request.


Artist Statement
My art is an exploration between the fantasy and reality. Using oil paint as my medium, I challenge the viewer’s assumptions and viewpoints of how we perceive the subject.  My approach to painting uses classical methods with a modern technique to capture the vibrancy of my subjects.  My work is always changing, pushing boundaries, and developing into something new.  In the end, I want to break the viewer of their assumptions and biases and make them see the subject in a new light.