Amze Emmons : re-Playing the Grid

Amze Emmons : re-Playing the Grid Detail

Amze Emmons
re-Playing the Grid
August 2023

Reception Thursday, August 17 / 6-8 PM

The exhibition is by appointment only please contact Amze at his Instagram account @amzeland

In 2019, Philadelphia artist, Amze Emmons began working working on an interactive installation for The Print Center scheduled to be exhibited in the summer of 2020. This exhibition aimed to invite the audience into his creative process, specifically wandering the city streets open to chance, noticing the peculiarities of system failure and evidence of community life in spite of it all. Because of the Covid Pandemic the exhibition was postponed several times before ultimately being cancelled. Emmons is using this opportunity to revisit the artifacts produced but never exhibited. 

This exhibition includes drawings, prints, paper craft, and elements of an installation all responding to and exploring the ways play and game logic and cultural material might make visible a sense of place within the context of history and hopeful present. There is a take-away publication that invites you to wander and notice.