Nurturing Your Nature : Five PAFA Alumns

Evan Fugazzi, Michael Gallagher, Phyllis Gorsen, Aubrey Levinthal, and Devon Reiffer
March 1, 2016 to March 30, 2016

The exhibition is comprised of paintings from five Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Alumni: Evan Fugazzi, Michael Gallagher, Phyllis Gorsen, Aubrey Levinthal, and Devon Reiffer. By producing work that reveals their instinctive tendencies, these artists are able to uniquely demonstrate how they nurture their true natures. Whether recurrences of theme, methodology, hue, or mark making, these elements tell much about the spiritual complexions of the artists. Their genres, unalike and varied, run from realism, abstraction, narration, symbolism and patterning.


opening reception
Friday, March 11 / 5:30 - 8:30 PM

gallery hours

Tuesday and Thursday / 12 to 5 PM.


artists talk
Saturday, March 26
1 PM


Evan Fugazzi’s bold minimalistic paintings are made using improvisation and spontaneity within single sessions. His exploration of mark making, a combination of the repetitive and the unexpected, forms dynamic compositions filled with strong visual language. 


Michael Gallagher’s abstract paintings are rich constructions of vibrant colors and shapes that pulsate between the translucent and opaque, and the covered and uncovered.  Michael starts with unplanned compositions finding his images through his process. His hope is that his images can elicit multiple associations or readings in the viewer experienced in an exciting friction between fluidity and control.


Phyllis Gorsen’s geometric paintings are designed to move the eye with dynamic pattern, color and line creating a swirling connectivity in her compositions.  Each pattern represents a human element, such as: technology, spirituality, environment, etc.  Her works are emblematic of how mankind is linked together.  


Aubrey’s Levinthal’s playful paintings feel ephemeral with her subjects shifting between the veiled and unveiled.  She embraces the subjective nature of perception using memory as a tool in her process.  Aubrey explores ways to marry personal imagery with form, experimenting with space, color and line.  


Devon Reiffer’s skillful black, white, and gray paintings engage the viewer with their compelling narratives.  Her work addresses the broad spectrum of “the gray area” with a focus on gender, identity, and sexual orientation. Devon’s intention is to inspire empathy and connection by pointing out the similarities relatable to all humanity.


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